Tobi, Alex and Cee-c

Tobi, Alex and Cee-c of BBnaija has been the number one trending topic on the internet so far, majority are on Cee-c that she’s the one who pushed and rejected Tobi to the point of no return, that she never treated him well nor gave a moment of happiness. Did you guys remember the day she begged Tobi to let her care for him and after that conversation, Tobi ignored her and she went into the bathroom and wept.

You all congratulating Alex and Tobi, matching them and making their marriage preparation for them, none of you will take what Alex is doing from her in same house. I can remember when Tobi was flirting with Anto in Lolu’s presence, we yelled for Tobi to back off, but because Cee-c is involve it’s normal. You all are describing Tobi to a man, but I can prove it to you “ Tobi is a boy” too childish.

Did you remember when Ebuka asked Alex of her relationship with Tobi, she denied having such feelings openly and when Ebuka asked your man if he will go into a date with Alex if she accept, he said yes, then Alex relocate from him. Alex has denied Tobi’s love openly saying they are just friends whenever she has been asked. Did you notice Tobi follows Alex lead as he has been following Cee-c.

We all know Cee-c is madly in love with Tobi, she announces her love for Tobi openly which Alex know of, if at all Cee-c has to change Tobi is the right person to change her, but Tobi fails cause he’s not  man enough. Cee-c will dance to Tobi’s tune if he’s ready to use his power as a man, cause of the love she has for him.

Tobi was a mistake for Cee-c, I do tell my friends to always date the people that will bring the best out of them, not the beast. Tobi brought the beast out of her. Cee-c will make a faithful and loyal wife, unlike Alex she’s a chameleon, she changes to anything she sees, remember she had quarrel with Leo cause of Tobi, because she went away with Tobi while he was having a conversation with her, and use Cee-c to sight an example that she will never go with any guy when Tobi is having a conversation with her.

Cee-c attitude in the house; always remember this, “when it comes to issues of the heart, everyone is foolish”. Remember what khloe said, Cee-c is very soft and very emotional, she was dam right.