Walking Together In Same Direction

Most men believe the only way to stay happy in life is having a woman around; but I say to you, it’s the other way round. Go hunt for that which makes you a “Man” with or without a woman in your life.

In African generally, we believe only women has the power to please men, and the so called men made that perspective known to be true by striving for success just to provide for their family’s needs, i.e. women, Children, Relatives and to keep many women in their lives.

When that woman whom has learn to be independent, who is not interested in being a full housewife nor searching for a provider and doesn’t care about their success or wealth show up in their live, they become threatened and assume something is wrong with her, she’s perfectly okay nothing is wrong with her. She has learned and fully understands the act of womanhood, with or without a man she’s perfectly fine. Men should also learn to be pleased with or without a woman.

Men should change their perspective of women. Being a man or woman, our dreams and aspirations are same, “success”. Coming together as partner should be base on helping each other achieve our goals and not the other way round. living with woman will be stress free if every man is feminist.